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Last update: March 10 2009

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Brief description

GtkPlot is a graphical frontend for GNOME of the most popular plotting tool gnuplot. The application is still in an intense development phase. For the curious out there i'll release sources coded so far when major changes are reached.

Development status is BETA just for the purpouses of presentation and testing. Address your feedback to

Development Team

Phoenix87[Coder, Project Admin]
Marty[Beta tester]

News (goods and bads)

  • Mar 10 2009

    After a year exactly from the birth of the project I made my mind and decided to recode the whole using C++ and, of course, the gtkmm libraries. Since this new version (dubbed GtkPlot++) still lacks some of the features provided by C counterpart already present in SourceForge repository, I'm not gonna release GtkPlot++ until I'm finished porting all the job done so far with the current version. Two-way pipes have definitly took the place of pseudo-terminal, being this the chouce that led to greater stability and less (or even none!) crashes.

    Windows users may be glad, I hope, to hear that with few edits of the source code (the pipe system is system-specific therefore i needed to be rewritten, but that was not a problem) GtkPlot++ can be also compiled under Windows, provided the gtkmm labraries porting for windows are installed. Further details about this issue would come with the first GtkPlot++ release for Windows.

  • Oct 17 2008

    LaTeX and gnuplot is a winning combination in every situation in which you need to import the fantastic plots created by gnuplot into you LaTeX documents. If gnuplot thus is capable of beautify your papers, the converse is also true: you can use LaTeX to render your plots. In this way you can perfectly render a formula in a plot.
    The function Render Plot has been added to GtkPlot, and it will be part of the coming releases (which I hope they would follow soon). In order to be able to use this new feature you must have a LaTeX system on your linux and ImageMagick. The corresponding binary files must be accessible via the paths gathered in the PATH environment variable.

  • Oct 12 2008

    The second release comes with a brand new pondered graphical interface. It is more ordered than the previous one. But the most relevant change is the introduction of two-way pipes in place of the pseudo-terminal connection to gnuplot. Two-way pipes offer a two-way communication with gnuplot keeping I/O channels sepatare. This ought to solve some of the issues that causes crashes to the very first release, but I not expect all the problems are actually solved. This will be part of the intensive test phase planned so far for this new release.

  • Dec 24 2007

    The very first release is based upon the "technology" of pseudo-terminals. This offers the possibility of a two-way communucation with gnuplot. But since the communication channel is the same for both I/O operations, this release resulted very crash prone, especially on slower machines.

  • Download

    All the releases are hosted by Here is the project home page.

    Here you can download the latest release of GtkPlot. For the current status of the application please refer to the brief introduction above.


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